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Hello everybody,

I've activated the following sites:

  • www.remmelt.ch (via HTTP and HTTPS)
  • webmail.remmelt.ch (only via HTTPS)
  • dspam.remmelt.ch (only via HTTPS)
  • twiki.remmelt.ch (only via HTTPS)

All SSL sites are virtual hosts with the same IP address. To get the correct certificate when connecting to the site a browser with SNI (server name indication) TLS extension support is required. Examples:

  • Firefox 2.0
  • Opera 9.0

Other browsers or browser versions could receive wrong certificates.

Additionally, these SSL sites currently only use certificates with ECC (elliptic curve cryptography). No RSA. For this a browser with ECC support is required. Examples:

  • Firefox 2.0
  • Konqueror (with openssl-0.9.9)

RSA certificates will be added soon.

This server is running:


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