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Hello everybody,

I've added the following site:

  • proxy.remmelt.ch (only via HTTPS)

The site proxy.remmelt.ch is an SSL-enabled forward proxy running on port 443. Normally no browser is able to access an SSL-enabled forward proxy.

In fact this proxy shouldn't be accessed by a browser. It should be accessed by scripts/programs like stunnel or openssl to create an SSL tunnel. With additional scipts/programs it is possible to tunnel other services like SSH through this SSL tunnel. 

A local proxy with a protocol analyzer identifies this SSL-enabled forward proxy as a normal HTTPS web server. Because Basic authentication is required to access the SSL proxy this analyzer is not able to detect the fact that the protocol spoken inside the SSL tunnel is not HTML (after the initial CONNECT).

By tunnelling SSH it is possible to create either port forwardings to other services on other hosts, host-to-site VPN or even site-to-site VPN.


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